SEO and Integrated Marketing ties together the artistic and scientific aspects of the web with strategy and is customized specifically to your business and target market.

An effective plan can last up to 6 to 12months! With this plan you will be kick-started into an effective marketing plan. Our goal is to use the art and science of online marketing to maximizing relationships, acquire customers, as well as serve and support repeat sales.

Florida Webdesign and SEO Company World Wide Webmasters, IncWe will be monitoring our success every step of the way through analytics to identify areas we need to improve, as well as leverage new opportunities as we move forward. As you may know, it takes an average of seven touch points to make a sale online, including referrals, web searches, social media mentions, press releases, getting e-mail replies and online ads.

Over the course of your marketing plan, we will focus on all the heavy hitters to utilize them to your advantage, such as content marketing, articles, press releases and search engine marketing, improving your SEO so you’re found higher in natural search engine listings and even optimizing local search results.

We also include online public relations with video marketing as well as social media, including everything from a blog to sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. And finally, we look at your existing website to make sure you have a healthy website foundation to set the tone for supporting all of our online marketing efforts.